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Due diligence, disclosure and compliance for online capital formation Learn More

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The BasicCheck Some of the things we check:


Due Diligence Delivered

Early stage investing can be very risky, and CrowdCheck can help limit that risk. CrowdCheck investigates companies seeking investment crowdfunding and online investments to help investors avoid fraud and make an informed investment decision.

Our hands-on disclosure and due diligence process helps entrepreneurs and the platforms they list on comply with their legal obligations and avoid liability. Our process goes way beyond a report generated by a machine, assuring both investor and entrepreneur that all legal requirements have been met. Learn more about our services

Slide 3: Compliance Check


Meeting the regulatory requirements

Basic Information
Use of Proceeds
Terms of Securities
Capital Structure
Founders' Identities
Bad Actor checks

The CrowdCheck Compliance Check (for Title III crowdfunding) and Core Check (for offerings to accredited investors) ensure that the offering complies with the rules.

More about Compliance/Core Check

Slide 4: Foundation check


Robust transparency

Previous History
Business Registration Details
Employment Agreements
Paid Federal Taxes
List of Officers
Directors Appointments

The CrowdCheck Foundation Check builds on the Compliance Check, providing companies with a cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd.

More about Foundation Check

Slide 6: Verified Check


Establishing the facts

Material Contracts
Risk Factors
Sweetheart Deals

The Verified Check fact-checks to identify misleading statements, providing the most protection for investors, companies and platforms.

More about Verified Check


See how we can make you a better, safer investor. Learn more about protecting yourself

Investment Platforms:

See how we protect your investors and your platform. Learn more about our services
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