Preparing for Reg CF: When do your financials go “stale”?

If you are about to launch a crowdfunding offering under Regulation CF, you should make sure you know when your financial statements will go “stale” (i.e., become too old). Under the disclosure requirements of Regulation CF, to “conduct” an offering (meaning to have an offering open and able to take investments) you must be using financials that are […]

An Intern’s Thoughts on Crowdfunding and Compliance

*Our summer intern, Diana Leung, who will be heading to Georgetown University in the fall, weighs in on disclosure compliance. The brilliant start-up companies that define crowdfunding are transforming the meaning of the American Dream. Citizens not only have an equal opportunity to achieve prosperity through the traditional conduits of society but can now do […]

Preparing for an A+ grade: Are you eligible for Reg A?

Sure, there has been a lot of talk of Regulation A. Under Tier 2 of Regulation A, you can raise up to $50 million from the crowd – everyday folks (under Regulation A, investors do not need to be accredited investors).  As a company you might be thinking, great, sign me up and how quickly can I […]

New crowdfunding police not simply a concern for shady operators

Massachusetts has a new securities department devoted entirely to monitoring the investment crowdfunding industry. This is an important milestone for an industry that depends on a high level of public trust in order to thrive. The Internet Crowdfunding and Offering Watch Department, or I-CROWD, will initially focus on new Reg. D Rule 506(c) offerings. Effective […]

What due diligence looks like – Part 2: Checking the corporate form

The first installment of our Due Diligence Series addressed a fundamental issue in crowdfunding due diligence: making sure that the offered shares have been properly issued. This installment concerns an equally basic and essential issue: making sure that the company whose shares you are buying has been properly incorporated.  There are many corporate forms a company can use, such […]

Let’s (NOT) make that video!

Hello, entrepreneurs! Are you busily working on that killer video you’re going to use to raise funds once crowdfunding is legal? Have you recruited top film talent to really sell your company and your terrific business plan? Will it be a tribute to your company’s stellar qualities? I hope not. I really hope not. Yes, […]

We have a law, so why should I wait?

We know, we know — it’s all so exciting! We’ve been waiting and watching as the first crowdfunding bill passed the House in November with an astounding 407 votes. Then we tried to sit tight through the holidays while everyone, including Congress, was on vacation (but sitting tight was difficult now that crowdfunding was so […]